My Story

My story began back in May of 2011.  I had been staying home since March of 2010 with my son and watching other children in my home.  My days consisted of cleaning children, the messes they make, laughing and crying.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVED that I had this opportunity but anyone who has ever made the decision to be a stay at home mother can tell you while it is ultimately incredibly rewarding, it can also be incredibly isolating and monotonous.  At the time I was a consultant with a line of beauty products and trying to earn a bit of money with that direct sales company.  A friend’s sister had been selling Scentsy and mentioned it to me but I had never heard of it.  At the time I thought Scentsy operated using a tea light to melt wax (wrong!)   I thought I would contact my friend’s sister to find out if she would like to host a party for me and I would return the favor for her.  I chose to do a basket party and when I got all of the mini testers in the mail I spent about 2-3 days steady smelling and falling in love with new scents.  My list of what I had to have grew really long and my mind started spinning….         Being a direct sales consultant already I knew that when you absolutely fall in love with a product and can see yourself going for broke supporting the habit it might be a good idea to check into signing up.  I also started sharing the mini testers with friends, neighbors, and the people I babysat for.  Everyone fell in love with the scents but many didn’t know much about Scentsy.  When I could show them just how it worked and how SAFE it was they fell in love too!  I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for just around $100.  Best money I have ever invested. My story is still being written but as of today I have hit many milestones within the company, earned recognition, built a great team, traveled, and made some lifelong friends.  I have met so many people through parties and events and I have been able to use my business to bless others beyond belief!  After a few months of trying to juggle both direct sales brands I decided to stop with the beauty products and devote my time to Scentsy and doing it right. I have loved every minute of the journey since! I am always hoping to share my love of Scentsy with others whether it is through parties, reorders, or best of all team members.  I know how big of a blessing this company is to so many. For me I was blessed with extra income, an outlet to get to use my mind in the “real world”, adult time J , new friends, and the opportunity to bless others through fundraisers or mentoring team members with their business .  I hope that maybe one day it can be a blessing in your life as well and you can start to write your own Scentsy Story.